Spiritual Heal is about your personal journey within.

It is not a philosophy or a religion that you follow or practice. Its a simple guide as to what this journey is not.

For thousands of years Mankind has grappled with questions regarding the truth about ourselves, the nature of reality and our mind.

The primary reason why an insight into the subject has been so elusive is the tool of enquiry is fundamentally flawed.


Our journey within is not about knowledge gained or conclusions we reach. Its not about attaining a clarity about who we are or what constitutes reality. Its not about definitions or insight into what is. This journey when tempered with a refusal to accept authority and any form of conclusions is a simple undoing of a myriad misconceptions we suffer.


Its not complicated at all. Nor is it a vast body of knowledge one needs to acquire or a skill one needs to learn. It is all about unlearning, undoing, negating all that we know.


In doing so you go beyond the realm of language and labels and recognition and meaning. When you are left with nothing in that is, exquisitely, everything.


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About the Author

The author’s personal journey of self discovery that entailed constant questioning and self doubt led to the realisation that much of the truth in life has little to do with knowledge gained and more to do with uncovering the delusions we have accumulated over time.

Our lives as we experience it today are a complex web of reactions that come from the intricate workings of the human mind which in turn is rooted primarily in the knowledge base genetically inherited and acquired in one’s life.

The author’s journey was always tempered by the fundamental tool of self doubt which worked wonders in unravelling the many delusions we suffer, that cloud our view of life or the truth about oneself.

The real beauty of this journey of self discovery is about shedding your mental baggage. As you uncover the myriad delusions you suffer you feel lighter and fresher and more in tune with the moment in existence.

There is no vast body of knowledge one acquires, or conclusions one arrives at or path one takes to arrive at oneself. Put in the simplest of words its about seeing life for what it is without judgement or conclusion.

After 25 years of this quest the author felt it was much like peeling onion skins, one after the other, until there was nothing left. Surely the process was at times difficult like the tears we shed as we peel onion skins.

It was overwhelming and astounding to realise that one hadn’t, after a long ardous journey arrived at something in terms of a conclusion about life. No philosophy to follow, no path to take, no direction to move in.

The author let it sit with him, not bothering if the journey was a waste or value created. He let it sit for 13 years only to realise that something simple, solid and unshakeable had emerged. A clarity about what life is not. A positivity that seems unfazed by what life unfolds. A natural goodness and a sense of gratitude that enables a deep abiding joy and sense of well being and peace.

In simple words the quest to understand himself led the author to that very destination…of understanding himself. Only that that understanding stems from a clarity about what one is not!

The author will endeavour to share the entire body of learning, as in the undoing of false assumptions or delusions he suffered from, on this page free of cost. Nothing will be withheld and everything to be shared will be shared free of cost.


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